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My dog likes to play in my mulch bed — is this harmful?
Usually not, however, there is one type of mulch, called cocoa mulch, that is toxic because it does contain some of the toxic compounds in chocolate.

I can’t get my dog to stop digging — help!
The desire to dig is very strong, especially in terrier breeds (the name means “earth dog”). Rather than try to extinguish the behavior, it is much better to simply offer an area that is OK to dig in. Provide a pile of dirt and when your dog digs, reprimand him but then bring him to the acceptable area and praise him for digging there. You both will be much happier.

Why does my cat jump into my lap to be petted but after a few strokes, she bites me and jumps down?
Cats are indeed mysterious creatures in many ways! They are probably all big fans of Frank Sinatra because they all claim “I Did it My Way.” This is actually a very common behavior and you need to read the signs so you can push her off before she bites you. It may be a flick of the ear or tail or a wrinkling of her skin. Take that as a warning and preempt the situation.

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