Oct 07 2015

Oath in Action

October has been designated by the American Veterinary Medical Foundation as “Our Oath in Action” month. The AVMF is the charitable arm of our national organization, the American Veterinary Medical Association. For over fifty years, this non-profit has provided funding for animal health studies, disaster response, animal welfare education and other activities.  The Our Oath in Action program started after 2005’s Hurricane Katrina caused such devastation. Thousands of volunteers put in countless hours helping the people and animals who were affected by the storm.

The Veterinarian’s Oath reads:  Being admitted to the profession of veterinary medicine, I solemnly swear to use my scientific knowledge and skills for the benefit of society through the protection of animal health and welfare, the prevention and relief of animal suffering, the conservation of animal resources, the promotion of public health, and the advancement of medical knowledge. I will practice my profession conscientiously, with dignity, and in keeping with the principles of veterinary medical ethics. I accept as a lifelong obligation the continual improvement of my professional knowledge and competence.

That is quite a commitment that we veterinarians need to honor. Practicing high-quality medicine and being advocates for our patients is something we strive for every day. In addition, we have participated in numerous local activities including Relay for Life and Bark for Life, the building of the Sycamore Park Playground, and donations to school, scouts, and fire and rescue fundraising activities. For the month of October, we will be adding a special charitable event. Blairstown Animal Hospital will be accepting donations of pet food, treats and cat litter. We will be donating these items to First Presbyterian Church of Blairstown’s food pantry on Main Street. You may drop off these items at our hospital anytime during our regular hours 8:00am-8:00pm Monday through Friday and 9:00am-5:00pm on Saturday.

It is so important to reach out to those in need, and there are many just in our immediate area. The food pantry also takes donations of non-perishable food and toiletries all year round.

If you are interested in donating items to local shelters and rescue groups, please contact us and we can put you in touch with some of those organizations. Many also have fundraising events and your participation goes a long way to helping animals in need. And of course, please consider opening up your heart and home to one of the many pets in need of love and security.

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