Dec 20 2011

Holiday gifts for your pet

dog_giftWith the holidays fast approaching, there is always someone on the Christmas list who is difficult to buy for. Maybe it’s Aunt Martha who has returned every gift you have ever bought, or Cousin Phil who already has every piece of Elvis Presley memorabilia (including a collection of velvet paintings). Are you having a mental block on what to get your pet? Well here are some nifty and sometimes practical ideas to put under the tree.

How about a lighted leash? With darkness hanging on so late in the morning and coming so early in the afternoon, walks can be treacherous this time of year. has leashes with imbedded colorful lights can be seen up to half a mile away, which is much further than reflectors.
dog_snow_coatDoes your dog dislike the cold? You could opt for a plain old sweater, or you could have him be the coolest pup on the block with a bomber jacket (complete with fake fur collar). Harley-Davidson even sells skull-caps for dogs to complete the look. Pups who don’t like their feet to touch the snow would appreciate a set of “mutt-luks” — waterproof doggie booties that will protect his feet from snow, ice and salt.

There are also a plethora of dog beds on the market, from your basic Petsmart fleece bed, to orthopedic beds, heated beds, beds you can clean with a hose, beds with pillows and reversible patterns, and beds that look like real beds, to my personal favorite — a genuine tempur-pedic from Orvis. I don’t even have that on my bed.
catgiftNot to leave your kitty out — a remote controlled mouse will result in hours of entertainment for even the most standoffish cat. For more mellow moments, there are cat beds with catnip packets and warming units and cat window perches (placing a bird feeder outside the window will captivate her for hours). Laser pointers are also great fun. Does your cat insist on drinking water that is dripping out of the faucet? Well, instead of wasting water, get her a kitty water fountain. It continuously recirculates the water so your feline can lap it up at will.

For the pet who truly has everything, check out the Hammacher-Schlemmer website. They have a “dogbrella” — an upside-down umbrella to cover your dog on rainy walks (apparently they don’t really care if you get wet), and goggles to protect your dog’s eyes when hanging his head out the car window. For the health-conscious canine, he will love their doggie treadmill — a steal at $549.95. (My human treadmill only set me back $400 on sale at Sports Authority). For a mere $1,250.00, your dog can have his own personal shower stall. I use a $20 hose I got at Agway, go figure. Have you considered buying your fish a present? No? Well, they have a fish agility training set. Seriously. Some people really have too much time on their hands. Don’t have a pet to buy for? You can get yourself a 20-foot animatronic Triceratops for the bargain price of $350,000. Plus shipping I suppose. I hope there’s no assembly required.

All kidding aside, we at Blairstown Animal Hospital wish you a very happy holiday season full of puppy kisses and kitty hugs. And don’t forget about all those homeless pets spending their holidays in shelters. Gifts to them of food, towels, blankets and other pet supplies are always appreciated.

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