Aug 03 2006

Do Dogs Sweat?, Tick Removal

Do pets sweat?
Just like humans, dogs sweat. Unlike humans, who sweat throughout their whole body, dogs sweat by panting and through the pads on their paws. This process, though efficient, should help to decide when is the best time for summer fun with your pet. Humidity is one factor to consider as panting is much less efficient in humid weather.pug_car

Our dog’s body heat is also affected by their fur. Even though they shed some of that fur in the warmer months, it is like wearing a winter coat. Keep that in mind: if you wouldn’t go out running in your winter jacket, don’t make your pet! Similarly, your pet doesn’t have the privilege of rubber soled sneakers, so watch out for the heat of asphalt; it can easily burn your pet’s paws. That said, it just makes more sense to exercise with your pet in the early morning or evening, not the heat of the day.

Just like you, after exercising, your pet is going to need water. Make sure you provide your pet access to clean, fresh water at all times. Make sure the bowl is cleaned and fresh water replaced at least once a day to prevent bacteria from growing.

Just like midday exercise can be dangerous for our pet, so can leaving them in a parked car. Even when parked in the shade with the windows cracked, on a mildly sunny day, it takes only ten minutes or so for the temperature of a parked car to reach 120 degrees Fahreheit. If you anticipate needing to leave your pet in a parked car this summer, do them a favor and leave them home.

Microscope - Tick (Rhipicephalus sanguineus)

Tick Removal
All types of ticks can carry disease, not just deer ticks. These tiny bugs can easily hide under your pet’s fur. If you see an attached tick, the best way to remove it is to grab it as close to your pet’s skin as possible with tweezers and pull it out. Follow this by swabbing the area with alcohol. The old methods of covering the tick with rubbing alcohol, fingernail polish, petroleum jelly, or trying to burn it off are ineffective. Trying to burn it off can actually burn your pet’s skin or singe his hair.

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