Feb 03 2006

National Pet Dental Health Month, Pet License Renewals, Greenies, Ticks and Fleas

National Pet Dental Health Month

Did you know that your pet’s teeth need the same type of maintenance as our own?

Dental cleaning goes a long way to help your pet. Regular brushing (yes, pets need their teeth brushed too!) and periodic visits to the veterinarian for routine cleaning can keep your pet healthy and his breath fresh. How do check your pet’s teeth? Just open his mouth and take a peek. Any plague or tartar can and should be removed by your vet. Specific questions on how this is done can be directed to our knowledgeable staff.teeth

Pet License Renewals
licenseIt is time for pet license renewals in most of our local townships for 2006. New Jersey state law requires all dogs must have a current rabies vaccine for 2006 in order to receive their license. Call your vet for your rabies certificate if the vaccine was given at the office.

Most of you have probably seen the recent news reports concerning the safety of giving your pet a treat called Greenies. While the treats themselves are being blamed for illness in pets, the source of trouble is as an obstructive problem in the digestive tract similar to what can be caused by rawhides, raw bones and other treats. Your pet should always be closely monitored when given any of these types of treats.

Ticks and Fleas
These pesky critters have been abundant this season due to the warmer than usual winter temperatures. The best way to combat them is to be religious in regular applications of products such as Frontline and Advantage on both your cats and dogs. Just remember, if you see one flea on your pet, there are 100 more in the immediate environment. Ask our office what preventative is best for your pet. deer_tick

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