Dec 03 2005

Holiday treats and pets as gifts


The holidays are upon us and that means yummy treats for your pets. But WAIT!!!

Did you know that leftovers can be harmful to your pet? Rich food can upset tummies that are used to a diet of pet food. And as tempting as it is to give Rover that bone, think twice. Bones and splinters of bone can become caught in the throats and esophagus of pets. Best to stick to rawhide or dentabones.

December is also the time for holiday plants and candy. Remember that pointsettias are toxic to cats, who love to nibble on the leaves. Chocolate, although loved by all, can be poison to pets, especially in large quantities. And careful of that Christmas tree! Some cats love to climb them, risking a danger of tree-tipping and ornament breaking.


Even though the weather is getting colder, don’t neglect to maintain tick and flea preventative. Although they appear to be dormant for the winter, our warm houses can make them comfy enough for re-infection of your pet. We can advise you on the correct preventative for your pet.

If you are planning to board your dog or cat during the holidays, make sure their vaccinations are up to date, especially for Bordatella (Kennel Cough). When animals are together in the same building, they can pass infections to each other. Vaccinations are the easiest way to prevent those infections. Call our office with any questions about which vaccines are best for your pet.
Christmas is a time of giftgiving. Thinking of giving a pet? All the excitement on Christmas morning can be overwhelming for a young animal. After all, they are really small! Try to keep the atmosphere calm and make sure your new pet has a warm, safe place to snuggle in while they get acclimated to life at your house. And don’t forget to be well-stocked with all the essentials – water and food dish, food, collar, and leash. And be sure to make your pet’s first appointment with the vet to ensure a happy, healthy pet.dog_gift

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