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    New Jersey Animal Rabies Cases By County and Species

    Feb 23 2017

      New Jersey Department of Health – Animal Rabies Cases By County and Species

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    Ask Us About CYTOPOINT

    Feb 23 2017

    New itch relief for canine atopic dermatitis:

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    Cat Chat Fall 2016

    Aug 30 2016

    Do you love cats?  Please check out our newsletter dedicated to our felines…. CatChat_Fall2016_2

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    Sonopath Wet Lab Training Event

    Dec 17 2015

    In January Dr. Leal and Blairstown Animal Hospital hosted a training event at our hospital for Veterinarians and Vet Techs to learn more about the technology of ultrasound.  This was…

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    Diabetes Month

    Nov 05 2015

    So you’ve been noticing that your pet has been hanging out by the water bowl a lot more than he used to and the kitty litter is pretty wet or…

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    Oath in Action

    Oct 07 2015

    October has been designated by the American Veterinary Medical Foundation as “Our Oath in Action” month. The AVMF is the charitable arm of our national organization, the American Veterinary Medical…

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    What’s That Lump?

    Aug 12 2015

    You’re lying in bed with your furry friend (yes, admit it, you share your bed with your pet), and you feel something that you don’t remember feeling before. If it…

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    Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

    Jun 15 2015

    Springtime explodes with new life- the trees are budding, lawns are growing, flowers are blooming and many animals are having their babies. While it is wonderful to see young wildlife,…

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    May 29 2015

    Newspaper Article May 20, 2015 Allergies With our long, cold winter and late spring, everything decided to bloom at once and while all the greenery and flowers are beautiful to…

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    Pet Dental Month

    Feb 02 2015

    Nibbles and Bits February 2015 January has been long and cold and as we enter February, we can at least be happy that it is three days shorter. You may…